Wednesday, February 27, 2013

John McEwan: StarGuard!, Starwar 2250

John McEwan is a game designer and sculptor who has been the owner and head designer of Reviresco Products, formerly known as McEwan Miniatures.

Star War 2250 A.D. is the tactical and strategic companion to StarGuard! and Orilla: 1st StarGuard Supplement. The strategic game allows players to explore sub-sectors of the Galaxy discovering strange new planets and fantastic life forms. The life form matrices allow over a hundred thousand possible variations, insuring a constant source of wonder and imaginative play. 

Orilla: 1st StarGuard Supplement

In the tactical game, the players are starship captains, controlling the flow of power to engines or weapons.

Utilizing scale model starships in three dimensional combat with alien enemies, players make use of combination's of eight separate and distinct weapons systems. Tactical Star War is a fast pace, highly exciting game of movement and violent action. The average tactical encounter requires less than three hours of actual playing time.

Lightning Bolts & Lasers: Science Fiction Miniature Tactics Manual is an 80 page booklet that is a supplement for Starguard. It includes information on military organization, a chapter on tactics, TO&Es for Starguard races, a few new race designs, a Starguard Histories Update authored by John McEwan, armored fighting vehicles, and appendices on weapon ranges, stats for a variety of weapons, and starter sets.

WARBOTS & DEATH MACHINES is the newest in the STARGUARD family of games.  Now Starguard troops can fight with or against the giant robot wars machines.

This is a true miniatures game.  Not a board game using robots for counters.  All of the new robot kits can be utilized with this game.  In the Design Manual, the technology and design methodology are completely explained.  Which enables you to include any robot, kit or your own design, in the game.

The combat systems are based on the popular and time proven STARGUARD game.  All STARGUARD & STARWAR 2250 weapons and systems are compatible and used in WARBOTS & DEATH MACHINES.

Players design their own fighting vehicles, based on size of figure and points spent. Systems include armor, weapons, force shields, power systems, instrumentation, crew capacities, etc. Game includes a wide variety of weaponry: laser weapons, powerguns (heat weapons), particle beam weapons, disruptors, sonics, plasma guns, eli blast (plasma ball) weapons, conversion beams, cone weapons (rapid-fire rocket launchers), gaus (magnetic) weapons, mortars, rocket-assisted rifles, guided missiles, cluster rockets, hellbores (pelletized hydrogen), disintegrators, plus miscellaneous small arms. The combat rules cover such items as target acquisition, special damage effects, hand-to-hand combat, and robot programming.


Ralnai Fleet Dreadnought

Federation Alexander the Great Class

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