Friday, February 1, 2013

Alpha Omega Reviews & Ads

Alpha Omega: Game of Tactical Combat in Space [BOX SET]

"Alpha Omega is a tactical simulation of space combat in the distant future.  The game portrays the conflicts that arose between three races; Human, Drove, and the Rhylish.

The game provides information for setting up various types of missions to provide a great variety of games within a game.

Scenarios depict the more important engagements fought between the three races. The game also includes information for designing and setting up your own scenarios.

Space vehicles are represented in the game by die-cut "counters" that look very much like the real article. Each counter represents a single space ship which is moved across the mapboard according to its individual movement capabilities, measured in "number of hexagons" per turn.

A series of mapboards, when joined, measure approximately 41" x 26". A hexagonal grid, referred to as "hexes", is superimposed to make the measuring of distances easy—like squares on a checkerboard. Each "hex" is 186,000 miles.

Alpha Omega also includes playing aids and a Battle Manual (rules booklet) that contains rules of graduating complexity. It also explains the 20 scenarios (that's 20 different games), plus an "historical narrative" to make one feel "at home" in this clever futuristic game of space warfare.
Alpha Omega is not a simple children's game. It is designed for sophisticated gameophlles who revel in games of logic.

In a decade of great interest in science fiction, Alpha Omega is considered by many to be a most authentic "historical simulation."

1977 ... Battleline / Avalon Hill 8931

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