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Space Squadrons - Starsoldiers Kit

Excerpt from the book "The Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier" by Terrrance Gunn
(click here for the first 15 pages in pdf)

A check mark next to the Starsoldiers Kit name would indicate the presence of the miniatures.

According to Wikipedia:
Although they were primarily focused on the well-established market for historical miniatures, their early products included science fiction themed Starsoldiers (product codes #S01-19) and Space Squadrons: Stellardate 2998 (#SS01-SS19) spaceships,..
Star Soldiers from the March 1978 Grenadier Models Catalog
According to Miniatures Workshop this line was later incorporated into the Gamma World Line.

According to The Stuff of Legends:
By the end of 1976, Grenadier's line of 25mm miniatures consisted of the Ancients line, Starsoldiers, John Carter Warlord Of Mars (discontinued), American Civil War, and Wizzards & Warriors.

Power Armor Troops

S01  Powered Armor Trooper
S02  Powered Armor Trooper with Bomb Racks
S03  Recon Troopers & Commander

Infantry, Non Hostile Environment

S04  Troopers with Laser Rifles
S05  Grenadiers & Rocketeers

Insurgent Infantry

S06  Insurgent Infantry with Needle Rifle
S07  Insurgent with Cone and Rocket Guns
S08  Insurgent Command Group

Andromeda Aliens

S09  Photon Rifleman
S10  Andromeda Bombardier and Rocketeers
S11  Andromeda Statsis Fieldman and Officer

Galaxy Aliens

S12  Alien Rayrifleman
S13  Alien Rocketeer and Grenadiers
S14  Alien Statsis Fiddmen and Officer

Heavy Weapons

S15  Laser Cannon with Aliens and Human Crewmen
S16  Statsis Generators and Mortars
S17  Rocket Pods and Mines
S18  Anti-grav Sled with Rocket Pod
S19  Robots
Wargamers Digest V4 N1 1976

S01  Powered Armor Trooper

S08  Insurgent Command Group

S09  Photon Rifleman

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  1. What a blast from the past! I remember first seeing these back in the 1970s and being delighted with the Space Squadrons 2998 boxed set and wishing that I had a bigger allowance so I could buy all the blister packed ships including the Behemoth class battleship. Alas, its been so many years since that all I have left are a pair of Aurora class cruisers, which happen to be the sharpest looking of all the ships produced by Grenadier that I remember. Thank you for posting this! :)